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What Is A Price Cap Plan? How Does It Work?

Date: August 3, 2020

price cap plan massachusettsIn times that can easily described as unpredictable, many of us are looking for ways to take control in our lives. One way you can do that is by taking control of your heating oil costs. At Cubby Oil, we have several ways to help you do just that.

Cap your heating oil price

Oil prices were at record-low levels earlier this year, but they’re already starting to recover. The demand that will come with heating season could send them higher.

But, by enrolling in our Capped Price program, you can avoid any future price spikes. How does that work, exactly? You’ll be purchasing your B40 Bioheat™ heating oil now at our current market price. Your heating oil price per gallon will never go above your capped price. But if oil prices drop, what you pay per gallon drops, too!

And even more – you can spread your costs over 10 easy monthly payments with our SmartPay plan!

Because markets are not always predictable, especially against everything from natural disasters to geopolitical conflicts, there’s certainly comfort gained from getting control over what you pay for your heating oil. There are no unpleasant surprises. You won’t have to scramble if there’s a price spike. Capped Price and SmartPay together make it easier to plan your monthly household budget.

However, you need to act quickly on this offer! The current ceiling price for the Capped Price program is only good through August 15. Call us today to get enrolled!

SmartPay makes it easy

Whether you are in Capped Price or pay our regular, competitive daily rate for your heating oil, you can take advantage of the benefits of SmartPay.

You won’t have to deal with higher heating oil bills right when you can least afford them: around and after the holiday season.

You know what you’ll be paying each month. And if you have a service plan, we can combine that cost into your SmartPay payment as well so you’ll pay for it over 10 months!

Want the utmost ease when buying and paying for your heating oil, you can take advantage of AutoPay too, where your monthly payment is automatically deducted from your checking account or credit card. No stamps, no checks, no mailing. Combine this paperless billing and we’ll send your invoices directly to your email.

Want to know more about our Capped Price program? Contact us today because August 15 is coming fast!

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