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Keep Your Fuel Oil Tank Full In The Summer

Date: July 20, 2020

Protect your tank and your home throughout the heat of summer

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It’s another beautiful New England summer, and we understand that the last thing you want to think about is winter. But, taking a few minutes to schedule a delivery of B40 Bioheat from Cubby Oil now can save you a lot of hassle and a lot of money down the road.

In fact, a full heating oil tank protects your tank from damage! Here’s how:

What is condensation, and why is it bad for my heating oil tank?

When your heating oil tank has empty space, condensation begins to develop on the bare interior walls of the tank. This condensation accelerates as temperatures become warmer in the summer season.
Condensation is extremely bad for your oil tank in several ways. First, condensation encourages bacteria growth within your heating oil. At its worst, your heating oil can develop sludge. That sludge can settle to the bottom of the tank and clog your fuel lines, reduce the efficiency of your heating system, and, if the lines are fully clogged, your furnace or boiler is subject to a system breakdown.

Gravity is another problem with condensation. When condensation builds up, it drips off of the interior tank wall. Because condensation is heavier than heating oil, it will sink to the bottom of the tank. Once there, the condensation begins to make a perfect breeding ground for sediment. As noted above, that sediment leads to corrosion of your heating oil tank from the inside out.

If the corrosion causes a tank failure, you not only have to replace your heating oil tank, but you have to bring in a professional to safely remove your failed tank, as well as cleaning up spilled oil to regulatory standards. That can cost you some big bucks.

A full tank is your best protection

Keeping your heating oil tank full will prevent that development of condensation throughout the heat of summer.

Another benefit is that you’ll have a full tank of heating oil when heating season returns. If there’s a cold snap early, which you know happens frequently here in greater Boston, you don’t have to worry. You won’t have to schedule an emergency heating oil delivery, or hope you have enough oil to get through.

Filling your tank now can also save you money. With lower demand, alongside the historically low prices we’ve seen in recent weeks, saving a few cents per gallon now can add up quick when compared to peak season.

Contact us for reliable, safe delivery of B40 Bioheat fuel and make sure your system is well prepared for summer – and the heating season soon to follow! Cubby makes it easy.

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