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Paperless Billing: Go Green And Keep Track Of Things Online!

Date: July 13, 2020

paperless billing massachusettsSpending a great deal of time outdoors in the summer helps us appreciate the environment even more, and inspires us to want to do more to protect it.

Aside from the clean, green Bioheat fuel we offer, Cubby Oil has even more ways you can help the environment and make your life easier in the process: Enroll in our paperless billing!
With paperless billing, all of your statements and invoices are sent directly to your email instead of by traditional paper mail where it can get lost or create unnecessary clutter.

What is the environmental impact of going paperless?

Did you know that Americans receive more than 13 billion bills through the mail every year? Think about how much paper used to create, send, and pay all those bills! There’s the invoice itself, any inserts that come with it, the envelope it travels in, the return envelope, the check you write, and the stamp you use to mail it. That’s a lot of waste.

If your household switched to electronic billing, statements, and bill payment for all of your accounts, not just Cubby Oil, the paper saved would add up to a very positive impact on the environment, totaling around:

  • 6.6 pounds of paper
  • 0.80 trees
  • 24 square feet of forest
  • 63 gallons of water
  • 4.5 gallons of fuel

If everyone did this, the difference it would make would be extraordinary!

Are there other benefits of going paperless?

The Financial Freedom Project says that the average American household can save more than $145 a year in postage costs by going paperless. That figure doesn’t include your savings from avoiding late fees because you can always find your bill, and from not having to use as many checks. Put that money into savings and it really adds up over the years!

Something else is saved by going paperless: Time. You spend time having to find your Cubby Oil bill in the pile of mail. Then you have to take the time to find your checkbook, write the check, find a stamp, and then take it to the mailbox. Paperless billing eliminates that because your bill, and everything you need to pay it, is right there on your computer, phone, or tablet – and accessible 24/7.

Want to save even more time? Enroll in Autopay! Your monthly payment is automatically deducted from your checking account or credit card. You get more insurance that your bill is paid on time every month so there are no late fees. And if your credit card has a points program for rewards, putting your payment on the credit card can help you build up the points so you can get your rewards faster!

Click here to get started on going paperless with your Cubby Oil account – it takes barely a minute to fill out! Cubby Oil makes it easy!

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