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How To Budget Your Heating Oil With A Budget Plan

Date: July 6, 2020

budget plan for heating oil massachusettsWe hate to interrupt all the sun and fun of this summer, but you should spare a few minutes to think about the upcoming winter and keeping your greater Boston home warm, safe, and comfortable.

Not many of us like to think about home heating when the beach is beckoning, but a small investment of time now can reap big rewards when you have to turn your furnace or boiler back on.

That’s because enrollment is now open for the Cubby Oil SmartPay budget plan! Enrollment is only open for a limited time, so now is the time to act.

What is the SmartPay Budget Plan?

The SmartPay budget plan is a great way to take control of your heating oil costs.

Think about your heating oil costs over the course of a year. Your heating oil bills are much higher in winter. That’s pretty hard on your household budget because you also have expenses from the holiday season and tax time is coming.

But with SmartPay, you get off the up-and-down roller coaster of heating oil bills.

We estimate your annual heating oil costs, factoring in your home’s size as well as your prior usage. Then we take that amount and split it into 11 easy payments. No spikes, no surprises, no worries.

And because you know what you’ll be paying each month, it will be easier for you to create a monthly household budget and stick to it.

When you sign up for SmartPay, you’ll get the same great B40 Bioheat as always. There’s no difference in the price per gallon. You won’t be buying more heating oil. And we can roll the cost of your equipment service plan into your SmartPay.

Another great thing about SmartPay? It’s FREE!

You can make managing your heating oil costs even easier by enrolling in our Auto Pay program. Your payments will be automatically made through your credit card or checking account. You’ll always be on time with your payments, and, if you use your credit card, you can build up your rewards points totals.

Enrolling in SmartPay is the best way to budget for your heating oil costs this winter.

Contact us to learn how you can enroll in our SmartPay budget plan to take the worries away for the winter season ahead. Cubby makes it easy.

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