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Before You Turn On The A/C This Summer…

Date: May 18, 2020

Follow these steps as you prepare for the season

ac maintenance bostonWith Memorial Day weekend just days away, we’re inching closer to summer here in greater Boston. Lots of us are looking forward to warmer weather so we can go outside more after spending so much time indoors during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Summer’s warmer temperatures also mean that you’ll be using your home’s air conditioning system. But don’t just turn it on after it’s been sitting around doing nothing since last fall. Make sure it’s ready for the summer ahead!

Some effort now can give you peace of mind that your home’s A/C doesn’t conk out in the middle of a heatwave. Here’s what to do:

Clean up around the A/C unit

Warmer winter winds blew a lot of stuff into your yard. And a lot of it could be up against your air conditioning system’s outdoor unit. Remove twigs, debris, litter, and leaves from around the outside of the unit. A clear space helps your air-conditioning run at its best efficiency, and prevents any debris from getting into the system and causing unwanted trouble.

Inspect the A/C unit

Pay special attention to the coolant lines. They should be fully insulated. If the insulation is missing, or staring to cracked, peeled, or frayed, let us know and we can fix it during your annual maintenance tune-up this spring.

Clear room around registers

All that cooled air needs to be able to get into your rooms: Make sure the registers aren’t obstructed by curtains or furniture. This is also a good time to give the registers a good cleaning to take off the dust accumulated over the winter. Take the registers off if you can and peek into see if anything fell through it.

Schedule an A/C tune-up

The best way you can take care of your home’s air conditioning system is by having it professionally maintained.
Our service technicians are certified, trained, and experienced in installing, maintaining, and repairing air conditioning systems of all kinds and ages.

An annual tune-up includes a thorough inspection of the A/C system, as well as cleaning and lubricating where needed, and changing the filter. It also gives us a chance to spot small problems and fix them before they become worse and cause your air conditioning to break down.

If you start your A/C this year and something’s not right, use our troubleshooting interactive tool before scheduling a service call. It may help you solve a small problem and save you money.

And, if you’re thinking that your system might be on its last legs, you should take advantage of our Summer Spectacular Sale! You can save up to $750 right away! *

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Call us today for expert installation, maintenance, and repairs of your home’s air conditioning, or to find out how to upgrade to a new, high-efficiency system this season.

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