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The Levels Of Bioheat™: What Do They Mean?

Date: May 11, 2020

bio fuel bostonHeating oil isn’t what it was back in your parents’ and grandparents’ day. Back then, heating oil had a reputation of being “dirty,” and bad for the environment.

But so much has changed in the years since then. Advances in technology by the heating oil industry have let to heating oil to be cleaner burning than in the past. The introduction of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil (ULSHO) was a game-changer, dramatically reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from heating oil.

Today, there’s an even better option: B40 Bioheat™ from Cubby Oil!

What is Bioheat?

Bioheat truly is the fuel of the future. It’s made of a blend of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil with biodiesel, a renewable fuel that comes from natural resources like plant oils (including corn, canola, soy, and rapeseed), algae, animal fats, and recycled restaurant cooking oils.

Our B40 Bioheat is made from locally sourced biodiesels, which allows us to directly aid the greater Boston environment and it’s respective businesses.

The heating oil industry at-large has committed to net-zero emissions by 2050. Bioheat is helping to lead the way towards that goal by dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Our B40 Bioheat burns so clean that it actually has fewer greenhouse gas emissions than natural gas.

Why are there different levels of Bioheat?

The amount of biodiesel used in Bioheat can vary from distributor to distributor. Bioheat with as little as 2% or 3% biodiesel can be called Bioheat.

Bioheat is often has the percentage of biodiesel in its name. For example, many companies will advertise having B5, or B10 Bioheat; the higher the level, the more renewable components make up the fuel itself.

Cubby Oil however only delivers B40 Bioheat. That means the Bioheat you get from us is made with 40% biodiesel. No other Boston-area company even comes close!

What difference does B40 Bioheat make for my home?

The environmental difference that our B40 Bioheat makes is outstanding. But that’s only the beginning of what our B40 Bioheat does.

Do you like saving money? Then you’ll love B40 Bioheat even more.

It allows for a higher heating efficiency, so you can see lower energy costs year over year from your traditional heating oil.

Second, because it burns so much cleaner and leaves nearly zero deposits on heat exchangers, there is less wear and tear on your home heating system’s equipment. That means fewer breakdowns; fewer repair bills, and a longer life for your heating system!

Become a Cubby Oil customer and be proud to heat your home with our B40 Bioheat.

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