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It’s Springtime: Don’t Forget to Check Your Indoor Air Quality Filters!

Date: April 20, 2020

change furnace air filterThanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re spending more time than ever here in greater Boston at home, indoors. All of this indoor time makes the indoor air quality of our homes even more important, especially as allergy season hits its stride.
Are you finding the indoor air quality in your home isn’t that great even with new filters? Cubby Oil installs indoor air quality equipment including:

  • Whole-house humidifiers
  • Whole-house air cleaners
  • Ultraviolet-light air purifiers
  • Ventilation systems

Our trained, experienced and fully insured service technicians can help you determine what you need for your home, then expertly install, maintain and repair it.

If you already have indoor air quality equipment, the most important thing you need to do right now is check the filters for your it and your HVAC equipment.

If you have forced-air heating and/or central air conditioning in your home, changing your HVAC filter is even more essential now. Check your filter monthly. For an average size home with no pets, most of the time you can go up to three months before changing them. But if you have pets, and/or someone in your home has a respiratory condition such as asthma, COPD, or emphysema, you will need to check them every few weeks and change them far more frequently.

Spring-cleaning tips for indoor air quality

  • Get your ductwork professionally cleaned. Dust, dirt, pollen and even mold can build up inside your ductwork and be blown into your living spaces, reducing your indoor air quality.
  • Clean registers and vents. First vacuum, then use a damp cloth and then thoroughly dry. This removes the last several months’ (or the last year’s) worth of accumulated dust, dirt and pollen off them.
  • Clean exhaust fans. Turn off the power. Remove the covers and wash them. Dry them thoroughly before putting them back.
  • Put the vacuum to work. Go beyond the usual quick pass of the floors. Take the time to suck away cobwebs, vacuum the crevices and between cushions of upholstered furniture, and vacuum draperies if you’re not taking them to be cleaned.
  • Tackle ALL surfaces. Dust and wash walls, windows, trim, chair rails, counters and blinds, too.
  • Declutter. All that paper piled up on a desk amongst other clutter are collecting dust as you avoid dealing with them. Time to bring out your inner Marie Kondo and get to purging!

Contact us to find out more about our indoor air equipment installation and service, helping to make your home a healthy, breathable residence for the weeks, and months, to come.

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