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Replacing Your Oil Tank: Spring Is The Best Time To Do It

Date: March 23, 2020

replace your old oil storage tank greater bostonAs we’ve all but put away the winter coats, we can start looking forward to warmer weather here in greater Boston.

But doing something winter-related now can save you money and hassle: replacing your home’s heating oil tank!

The average life expectancy for an aboveground oil tank (which also includes heating oil tanks in a basement) is 25 years. Underground tanks last much less time, an average of 15 years.

If your heating oil tank is at the end of, or past, its life expectancy, be proactive and replace it now. Heating oil tank failure may be looming in your near future, even if your heating oil tank seemingly looks fine now.

The most common cause of heating oil tank failure is corrosion from inside the tank, created by condensation. The condensation builds up on bare walls inside the tank. When the water drips down, it sinks to the bottom and creates an environment perfect for the development of sediment. That sediment is what leads to the corrosion and, ultimately, tank failure.

Signs of heating oil tank failure

Very often, your heating oil tank could fail without warning. But sometimes, you can see warning signs. Here are some signs to look for:

  • Pinhole leaks
  • Blistering on the underside of the tank
  • Condensation remaining on the outside of the tank after it has been filled

If you see any of those signs, contact us and we will get to work for you.

Replacing your oil tank now makes sense

A heating oil tank failure is not only a hassle, it’s expensive. You not only have to buy and install a new tank, you have to have your old tank hauled away, and any spilled heating oil professionally cleaned up.

If your underground heating oil tank fails, the costs for that can be between $10,000 and $15,000 because of all of the environmental remediations that must be done. And those remediation costs are usually not covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

Avoid all of that by getting your heating oil tank replaced this spring. Because this is a quiet time for tank installers and equipment service departments, it’s easier to arrange an installation for a day and time that suits your schedule. In fact, there’s many incentives, specials and financing deals going on right now that will help you score an awesome deal – and we’ll be there to help from start to finish.

Cubby Oil is looking out for you! Become a customer and enjoy courteous, professional heating oil service for your Boston-area residence, today.

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