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4 Reasons Why You Should Convert AWAY from Natural Gas

Date: February 24, 2020

convert from natural gasIf you have natural gas in your community, you may be wondering, “Why should I switch to heating oil from natural gas?”

Good question.

Look closer at heating oil vs. natural gas, and you’ll see heating oil comes out far ahead. We’ll show you four ways this is true:

Environmental friendliness

The old thought was that natural gas was better for the environment than heating oil. But today’s heating oil is different, especially Cubby Oil’s B40 Bioheat Plus®! Our Bioheat® is made with ultra-low-sulfur heating oil blended with biofuels, which are made from renewable resources such as oils from plants such as soybeans and rapeseed, animal fats, algae and recycled restaurant cooking grease. What makes our Bioheat® extraordinary is that while some companies claim to offer Bioheat®, theirs may only be two or three percent biofuels. Our B40 Bioheat® contains a whopping 40 percent biofuels and has fewer greenhouse gas emissions than natural gas!

Greater Efficiency

Because Cubby Oil’s B40 Bioheat® is so clean-burning, you’ll get higher efficiency from your home’s heating system. With today’s high-efficiency furnaces and boilers, you could reach efficiencies of 90 percent or higher! Heating oil also gets your home warmer faster than natural gas, or any other fuel.

Costs & Shelf Life

While natural gas may cost less than heating oil, there are more costs to consider. Specifically, operating costs. A heating oil-fired furnace can last 28 years, while a heating oil-fired boiler can last 25 years. The life expectancy of a natural gas furnace or boiler can be as little as 10 years. Cubby Oil’s B40 Bioheat® also is better for heating systems because it burns cleaner and leaves fewer deposits on heat exchangers. That means fewer breakdowns and a longer life for your furnace or boiler.

Dependable Service

With heating oil, your heating fuel is right at your greater Boston home. You’re not dependent on a utility’s gas lines to keep your home warm. When you have natural gas, you’re dealing with a utility company. Usually, that means a far-away office where you’re just an account number in their database. Cubby Oil is a locally-owned, locally-based company with more than 70 years of outstanding service to our customers here in Massachusetts. We offer safe, reliable heating oil delivery with personalized service.

Contact Cubby Oil to find out about all the benefits of heating your home with B40 Bioheat® Plus – the cleaner, greener, more efficient alternative to natural gas!

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