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Bioheat®: Do I Need New Equipment To Use It?

Date: February 24, 2020

what equipment does bioheat use greater boston
Bioheat® isn’t the heating oil of earlier generations. It’s a heating oil blend that is far better for the environment and better for your budget, too.

Heating oil is blended with biofuels from renewable resources such as plant oils (soybean, sunflower, grapeseed), animal fats, algae and recycled restaurant cooking oils to make Bioheat®.

Cubby Oil sells only B40 Bioheat®, which means that 40 percent of it comes from these biofuels, making it incredibly eco-friendly and efficient.

This new fuel may have you wondering if your current oil-fired furnace or boiler can use Bioheat®.

Yes, it can!

And you don’t have to lift a finger to switch your greater Boston home or business equipment to Bioheat®, other than contacting Cubby Oil to become a Bioheat® heating oil delivery customer.

Most major heating system manufacturers allow Bioheat® to be used with their equipment and still be covered under their warranties.

In fact, Bioheat® is better for your heating system than plain old heating oil. With Cubby Oil’s B40 Bioheat®, there are fewer deposits left on heat exchangers. Because Bioheat® is such a cleaner-burning fuel, there’s less wear and tear on your furnace or boiler. That translates to fewer breakdowns and longer equipment life.

Cubby Oil can not only deliver Bioheat® for your home, we can also take care of your home’s heating system. Our service technicians install, maintain and repair all kinds of home heating systems. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing our technicians are all experienced, professionally trained and fully insured.

And if you like saving money, our Cubby Oil Heating Oil Service Plans help you protect your heating system and saves you money on repairs.

Bioheat® is tops when it comes to environmental friendliness. Because it burns so much cleaner than traditional heating oil, it has fewer greenhouse gas emissions than natural gas. Our biofuels are not only renewable, but they’re nontoxic as well.

You’ll be proud to heat your home with our ultra-clean B40 Bioheat®

If reducing your carbon footprint while getting awesome energy efficiency interests you, become a Cubby Oil customer and get Bioheat® for your home or business, today.

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