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How Ductwork and Heating System Problems Are Linked

Date: January 13, 2020

Home ductwork

There’s a lot you can do to keep the oil-fired furnace in your greater Boston home running smoothly, efficiently and reliably.

First, invest in a top-quality, energy-efficient furnace. (Need some assistance with that? We’re always happy to help!) Second, take good care of it with regular maintenance by the trained, experienced and certified service technicians from Cubby Oil. Third, count on Cubby Oil for delivery of clean-burning Bioheat that is easier on your furnace than traditional heating oil.

Even with all of this, you could still run into heating problems.

While your furnace is essential, it isn’t the only component of your home’s heating system, which is much more complex than you may think.

One culprit can be your ductwork. The ductwork is what carries the air heated by your furnace all over your home, distributing it through registers located throughout your living space. It also returns air to your furnace to be heated through vents.

If your ductwork is in bad condition, it makes your whole heating system run ineffectively and inefficiently.

Here are some signs that indicate you may have problems with your ductwork.

An increase in your heating bills you can’t explain. If there’s a big jump in your heating costs without any changes in your heating system equipment, duct leaks may silently be the cause behind it.

Uneven heating. If this is a newly occurring problem, it could be the ductwork. Ducts with leaks can cause as much as 15 percent of the heated air to escape instead of going into your living space where it belongs. If you’re noticing some rooms are hot and other spaces are cold, look into the ductwork for those rooms specifically.

Poor indoor air quality. If your ductwork has small holes or cracks, dust and other allergens can be sucked into your ductwork. Once it’s in, it can easily get into your living spaces through the registers. Signs that this may be a problem include more dust than usual, and more allergy symptoms when you’re inside your home.

If you’re seeing these problems, get in touch with professionals at Cubby Oil. We can make a service call to find out what the true cause is, and give you the best recommendations on how to remedy!

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