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Winter Tips for Getting Your Boiler or Furnace Ready for the Season Ahead

Date: December 2, 2019

family feast in warm homeAs the holidays approach, you may be welcoming adult kids and the grandkids to your greater Boston-area home. Maybe you’re hosting dinner during Hanukkah, or a Secret Santa party.

Whatever you’re doing, the last thing you need is for your furnace or boiler to conk out. A cold house isn’t fun, and your bank account doesn’t need heating system repairs on top of all the holiday shopping.

But, if you take some steps now, you can keep your home warm and comfortable not only for the holidays, but all winter long. Here’s what you can do:

  • Get an annual tune-up of your heating system. If you haven’t done this already, you really should. An annual tune-up makes sure your furnace or boiler is running at its best possible efficiency. It also allows your Cubby Oil service technician to catch any problems and fix them before they become bigger issues that could lead to a breakdown. And if you have a warranty on your heating system, regular maintenance helps keep it valid.
  • Check your air filter. Dirty filters slow or block air flow. That prevents your furnace or boiler from running at peak efficiency. Letting dirty air into your heating system can also damage parts, which can cause your furnace or boiler to break down. For an average-sized home, you should go no more than three months before changing your air filter. If you also have pets or there are people in your home with respiratory problems, you’ll have to do it more often, perhaps every month.
  • Clean return air registers and vents. This helps keep dirt and dust away from your furnace or boiler. It also helps reduce allergens in the air. Move large furniture and curtains away from vents and air registers for more efficient heating.
  • Sign up for a Cubby Oil service plan. This is a great gift to give yourself! With a Cubby Oil service plan you get an annual tune-up that cleans and lubricates your furnace or boiler, and replaces any worn parts. We also carefully inspect your system to check for any potential problems. Not only do you get that tune-up, you get guaranteed priority service and additional discount son repairs!
  • Take good care of your furnace or boiler, and you’ll keep your home cozy and enjoyable all season long. Contact Cubby Oil to find out more about our service plans, or estimates on system upgrades for your home or business, today.

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