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Oil Vs. Natural Gas For Home Heating

Date: November 18, 2019

How Bioheat helps protect the environment

green bioheat home massachusettsMaking the right choice for fuel when it comes to heating your greater Boston home can be a challenge, especially when you want to minimize environmental impact.

That’s when you have to look beyond old stereotypes to see how heating oil has evolved to become the environmentally friendly choice for home heating when compared with natural gas.

Cubby Oil is leading the way when it comes to greener home heating oil that also provides the warmth and comfort you need when winter’s chill descends on us. That’s why every drop of heating oil we deliver is B40 Bioheat.

B40 Bioheat takes heating oil to the next level with great performance, and lower environmental impact. Bioheat is made with heating oil combined with renewable biofuels made from used cooking oil, algae, animal fats, tallow and plant oils such as sunflower, corn and soybean.

The B40 part of the name comes from how much biofuel is in the Bioheat. Most heating oil providers have maybe 2 or 3 percent biofuel, meaning they’d be B2 or B3. Cubby’s B40 Bioheat is made with a whopping 40 percent biofuel!

That means we’re reducing our country’s dependence on imported oil. That also means your heating oil supply and costs are much less affected by markets, foreign unrest or politics. And, by using renewable resources for biofuel means we can continue to produce those same sources needed for Bioheat.

Our B40 Bioheat is made with ultra-low sulfur heating oil. That, combined with such a high level of biodiesel, means Cubby Oil’s B40 Bioheat not only burns cleaner, but has few greenhouse gas emissions, and those emissions are much lower than that of natural gas.

B40 Bioheat is good for the environment also because of its use in your home heating system. It offers better fuel efficiency, meaning you’ll use less energy to keep your home warm, and leaves less deposits on heat exchangers. That means the ultra-clean burning of B40 Bioheat will help your equipment will last longer. You also don’t need to change your current oil heating system, because B40 Bioheat will work right the one you already have!

Get heating oil that’s good for your home, and good for the planet, with Cubby Oil’s B40 Bioheat. Become a Cubby customer, today!

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