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What Size Oil Tank Do I Need For My Home or Business?

Date: November 11, 2019

what size oil tank massachusettsHeating oil tanks can last a long, long time. But all good things must come to an end.

That end may be coming for your heating oil tank. Perhaps it’s outdated. Or it’s showing signs of wearing out. Maybe your heating oil needs have changed.

Whatever the reason, there are some questions you need to ask as you select a replacement heating oil tank for your greater Boston home or business. The big one is … how big of a tank do you need?

Heating oil tanks 101

Before you choose your new heating oil tank, you should know what size tank you have and what size tanks are available. There are two sets of numbers that you need to know:

  • The capacity of the heating oil tank, which is measured in gallons
  • The dimensions of the heating oil tank: height, depth and width

If your current heating oil tank is newer, you can usually find the tank’s capacity on the tank’s nameplate. With an older tank, you can use the dimensions of the tank to estimate its capacity.

Many homes have a 275 gallon heating oil tank. They can be either horizontal, which would be labeled 275H, or vertical, which is labeled 275V.

Tanks are also different sizes depending on whether they are above ground or underground. Tanks above the ground include 288, 340, 420, 500, 550, 675 and 1,000 gallons. Underground tanks can be much larger.

Choosing a heating oil tank

Now that you know a little bit about heating oil tanks, it’s time to choose. We have some things you’ll need to think about.

How big is your home? If you live in a home with one or two bedrooms, a 275 gallon tank will work. Homes with three or four bedrooms would need a heating oil tank between 300 and 500 gallons, depending on the size of the home.

Make sure you measure how much space is available for your heating oil tank before you start shopping so you don’t get something that won’t fit.
How many people are in your home now? Will you be adding to your household through having children, adult children returning home, or elderly parents moving in? All of those will impact your energy consumption.

If you own a business, will you be expanding your space?

Take other lifestyle matters into consideration. If you do have elderly parents living with you, they are likely going to want the home to be warmer. Spending long chunks of time away from home in the winter may also affect how big of a tank you should get.

Now that you’ve thought all this through, you’re in a better place to start shopping for your new heating oil tank.

If you have any questions related to heating your home or business with heating oil, the experts at Cubby Oil are glad to help. Get in touch with us!

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