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Why Should I Choose Auto-fill For My Home Fuel?

Date: October 7, 2019

autofill massachusettsAs you make your way around Greater Boston, you’ve probably noticed the Halloween candy is already having to make room for the Christmas decorations in the stores.

It’s yet another sign that heating season is on its way, if not already here in some parts of New England.

Make winter easier on yourself and give yourself peace of mind by signing up for automatic heating oil delivery with Cubby Oil!

Give yourself a break with automatic heating oil delivery

Picture this: January, 20-something degrees out, wind howling, maybe snowing. Do you really want to leave the comfort of your home to trudge out into the cold so you can check the gauge level on your heating oil tank? Or, if you’re lucky enough to have your heating oil tank indoors, have to go down into the less-cold but still chilly basement?

With automatic delivery from Cubby Oil, we take that off of your to-do list. We use our computer systems to track how much fuel your home typically uses based on how cold the weather is. The data is updated regularly. When your tank is around 25 percent full, we make a delivery of our top-quality, environmentally-friendly B40 Bioheat.

You don’t have to watch your heating oil tank gauge. You don’t have to call to schedule a heating oil delivery. And you don’t have to worry about running out of heating oil and facing the hassle and extra costs that go with that!

Automatic delivery > Will-call

Why does Cubby Oil offer automatic heating oil delivery? It helps us serve you, our customers, better and more efficiently. We are able to more carefully plan our daily heating oil deliveries, which allows us to get to more customers in a day. We also end up having to make fewer emergency heating oil deliveries.

And that’s just one of the advantages automatic delivery has over will-call heating oil delivery. With will-call, it will be a few days between when you place your order and when Cubby Oil can deliver your heating oil. If the weather gets bad or there’s heavy demand, it may take longer for us to make a delivery to you. If your heating oil tank got too low before calling us, you may be facing running out of heating oil. No need for that risk with automatic delivery!

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with automatic heating oil delivery this winter – and beyond – from Cubby Oil. Contact us today to sign up!

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