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What To Do If Your Furnace Is Not Heating

Date: September 30, 2019

cold house no heat massachusettsThere’s nothing like coming home to a warm house heated by an oil-fired furnace.

And there’s also nothing quite like waking up to a cold house because the furnace conked out overnight.

If you wake up to that chill in your Boston-area home, we have a checklist for you before you make a service call to Cubby Oil.

Check your thermostat: There are three questions to answer. Is your thermostat set to heat? You’d be surprised how often, especially early in the season, how it might not be. Is the thermostat set high enough to initiate heating? The desired temperature needs to be higher than the room temperature. Finally, are the batteries in your thermostat still good? It might be time for fresh batteries. While these are the simple fixes, more times than not it’s these small things that are often the culprit!

Check your oil: Look to see if you have oil in your tank. Gauges can be faulty, so don’t just rely on the tank gauge reading. Use your fuel oil tank stick to measure how many inches of oil are in the tank. If you’re out (or very low), contact Cubby Oil for an emergency heating oil delivery.

Find the emergency shutoff switch: The emergency shutoff switch is usually located near or along the cellar stairs or next to your oil-fired heating system. The switch should be in the ON position. The emergency shutoff switch looks just like a light switch, so it may have been accidentally turned off. That can happen quite often.

Check your electrical box: Look for blown fuses or any tripped circuit breakers.

Find the reset button with the heating system burner: When you find it, press the button ONLY ONCE and listen for the system to start up. If you had to open a door to access your furnace, remember to close that door after pressing the reset button.

If these troubleshoots don’t work, give Cubby Oil a call and we can arrange a service call.

Cubby Oil is here for you

Cubby Oil has the experienced service technicians to take care of your oil-fired furnace and getting it back up and running should your system break down. If you do need a new furnace or boiler, we can help you find the right one for your home, and your budget. And, speaking of your budget, we can help you find rebates for your new furnace or boiler! And whether you have a new furnace or your existing one, Cubby Oil can provide regular furnace cleaning and heating system maintenance.

Contact Cubby Oil and find out how we can keep your Waltham, Arlington, Watertown, or any Boston-area home warm this winter with both quality Bioheat heating oil and outstanding heating system installation and service!

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