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Efficient Home Heating During The Fall Season

Date: September 23, 2019

fall hvac efficiency massachusettsWhen you go in the stores these days, you’ll see Halloween candy and Christmas decorations sometimes in the same aisle. Flannel is looking more appealing. And you may notice a craving for stews and apple cider donuts.

The signs are unmistakable: Fall has arrived here in Boston, Massachusetts!

In the coming weeks, you’ll probably be turning on the heat in your greater Boston area home. If that prospect has you dreading your energy bills, the pros at Cubby Oil have some tips for you that can help you save on those bills.

Get your system tuned up

Having Cubby Oil’s certified and experienced service technicians do an annual tune-up on your home’s heating system will help it run at peak efficiency. That means you’ll be using less energy, and that leads to lower energy bills. A tune-up can also save you money because problems can be caught and dealt with before they become bigger, and more expensive, problems. This is also a great time to sign up for one of our service plans!

Put in a fresh air filter

This is the easiest thing you can do to help your heating system run efficiently. A dirty filter allows dirty air to get into the heating system. Dust and dirt then get on parts in the heating system, which can create damage that makes your heating system run less efficiently or, worse, lead to expensive repairs and shorten the lifespan of your home heating system. If you have a forced-air heating system, you should be changing your filters every one to three months, and more often if you have pets or people with allergies in your home.

Provide a little space

Heated air needs to be unobstructed to it can efficiently circulate in a room. If there are obstructions, your heating system will have to work harder for a longer time to get the room warm, making it less efficient. Don’t block registers, baseboard heaters or radiators with draperies or furniture.

End the drafts

Did you know that drafts can add up to 15 percent to your energy bill? Bases and edges of doors and windows are the most common spots in your home for drafts. It’s an inexpensive fix with weather stripping and caulk.

Install a new thermostat

Your Cubby Oil technician checks your thermostat as part of the annual tune-up to see if it’s calibrated accurately and is running properly. If they find that it isn’t, now is a great time to upgrade to a programmable thermostat! You can program it to lower the temperature when you leave for the day or go to bed, and have the house warm when you come home or wake up. Some programmable thermostats can be monitored and controlled right through your smartphone!

Find out more about Cubby Oil’s great equipment service and affordable, quality heating oil. Contact us today and become a Cubby Oil customer this Fall season – and beyond!

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