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Should I Buy A Home That Uses Heating Oil?

Date: September 9, 2019

new home with heating oil massachusettsAre you house-hunting around greater Boston? Congratulations! You have some great homes to choose from.

And if you buy a home that uses heating oil, congratulations again! Oil heating is a proven home heating method that you can count on to keep your home cozy and warm year-round – especially so during the chilly Boston winters!

But whether your home is new or old, it’s important to remember the oil that heats it is not your father’s oil heating, in so many ways. Cleaner, greener heating oil is here, and fueling your home with it is a fantastic choice. Here are five reasons to celebrate buying a home that uses heating oil!

Heating oil works fast

On a cold winter’s day in Massachusetts, there’s nothing like oil heat to warm you up when you get home. Heating oil gets a home warmer faster than any other heating fuel source.

Heating oil is efficient

Oil home heating systems have become more efficient in the last few decades. Some have efficiency ratings of around 95 percent, meaning you’re getting more heating for your heating oil dollar. You can also use technology like smart and programmable thermostats so you can use less heating oil when you’re not at home, saving you even more energy and money.

Heating oil is reliable

When you get heating oil delivery from Cubby Oil, you know we’re here for you because we’ve been delivering fuel for more than 70 years. We offer transparent and fair pricing and have a history of a dependable heating oil supply. Fly-by-night discounters can’t give you that reliability.

Heating oil is cleaner, and greener

The old days of smoky, sooty oil heaters are long gone. Not only are today’s oil heating systems more energy efficient, they are much better on the environment. And the heating oil has improved, too. Cubby Oil sells B20 Bioheat, a high-performance heating fuel made from 20 percent renewable biofuels from such sources as plant oils, recycled grease and animal fats. It is not only an ultra-efficient oil; it burns very cleanly – even cleaner than natural gas!

Heating oil is safe

Unlike natural gas or propane, heating oil is non-explosive. It won’t burn in its liquid state without being heated to its vaporization point (above 140 degrees). Today’s oil tanks are more resistant to corrosion, meaning a leak is much less likely.

Does your new Boston area home use heating oil? Cubby Oil will give you reliable heating oil delivery and can take care of your oil heating system. Contact us today and become a Cubby Oil customer this fall season!

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