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Heating Oil 3.0 Is Here!

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As you may know, we deliver B20 Bioheat® — a high-performance heating fuel that is better than regular heating oil. Bioheat, made from 20% renewable biofuels, supports superefficient equipment — good news for anyone who is ready to upgrade to modern oil heating equipment.

We like to think of Bioheat as Heating Oil 2.0. It burns more cleanly than traditional heating oil and is truly environmentally superior because of its reduced emissions and improved efficiency.

But there’s more good news. This summer, all oil heat dealers in Massachusetts, as well as the rest of New England, will start delivering heating oil that contains an ultra-low-sulfur blend. Consider it Heating Oil 3.0.

When our B20 Bioheat is blended with ultra-low-sulfur heating oil, it burns even cleaner than natural gas, producing near-zero particulate emissions. This highly refined fuel:

  • greatly reduces equipment breakdowns.
  • requires no modifications to your existing system.
  • allows for the introduction of super-efficient heating systems, which are already being used with great results outside the United States.