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Could a mini split air conditioner make summer more comfortable?

Date: April 20, 2017

Summer Comfort

Admit it, many of you have already thought about air conditioning and it’s only mid-April? It seems spring in New England gets shorter each year. Gone are those slow comfortable transitions from cold and snow to heat and humidity.

Even if you are fortunate enough to have central air conditioning, is there an area inside your home that is uncomfortably warm every summer? Perhaps a finished basement, three season porch or finished attic? The addition of a mini split air conditioner could turn any of these spaces into a cool oasis for you and your family.

Advantages of mini split air conditioners versus window units.

  • MSA/C units are permanently installed. Forget about the dreaded chore of lugging the window unit to and from storage twice a year.
  • No more unsightly window units hanging outside of home. MSA/C units are extremely inconspicuous. Two thin copper lines connect the indoor evaporator coil to the outdoor condenser that sit on the ground.
  • Enjoy the view! Window units block the view to the outdoors. MSA/C units allow you to enjoy the view in comfort.
  • MSA/C units are whisper quiet. Have you ever tried to watch TV or take a telephone call with a window unit running?
  • Window units offer would be burglars easy access to your home. Flimsy plastic panels separate your safety and possessions from risk. MSA/C do not compromise safety.
  • Expense. Even the most energy efficient window units are extremely expensive to operate.
  • Is there only one window in the space you are trying to cool? A window unit not only blocks the view to the outside but also means the window is now inoperable for the season.

Sure, these units are more expensive than portable window units and require professional installation however, once installed they provide years of whisper quiet comfort. Keep in mind, like any heating or cooling appliance, it is extremely important that the unit be sized properly in order to run effectively and efficiently.

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