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Oil Burner Service…What is Included in a Tune-Up?

Date: February 15, 2017

We recently learned that an annual oil burner service or cleaning/tune-up can not only prolong the life of oil fired heating equipment but also ensure it is operating safely at maximum efficiency. With that said, have you ever wondered what a licensed technician does during this service? Let’s take an in-depth look what constitutes a thorough annual oil burner service.

  • Oil filter is changed – some oil filters have replaceable cartridges while others are all-in-one.
  • Oil line is flushed – sediment can accumulate in oil lines leading to clogged nozzle.
  • Oil tank is checked for any sign of leak – proactive replacement of leaking oil tank will avoid reportable oil release and emergency oil tank replacement.
  • Oil burner nozzle is replaced – a dirty nozzle can cause a faulty flame leading to loss of heat.
  • Furnace air filter is replaced or cleaned, blower belts checked – disposable filters are replaced while reusable filters are cleaned to maximize unrestricted flow of clean, allergen free air.
  • Air gate is cleaned and adjusted – proper air supply is crucial for correct flame.
  • Electrodes are cleaned and adjusted – electrodes carry an electrical current required for combustion of oil.
  • Boiler sections or furnace heat exchanger is brushed and vacuumed – soot is cleared from passageways allowing equipment to draft properly and operate at maximum efficiency.
  • The flue is inspected and cleared of any debris – a clear flue promotes proper draft.
  • The oil burner is fired & controls are safety checked – technician ensures controls are operating properly to ensure safety.
  • Efficiency Test is performed – using a Bacharach Kit the technician performs a combustion efficiency test to electronically measure draft, various temperatures, CO2 and smoke. These measurements equate to a combustion efficiency represented as a percentage of 100.

Of course, there are better times of the year to schedule your furnace or boiler annual service, however, most full-service oil dealers perform this very important service 12 months a year.

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